Fashion has to achieve its Net Zero goals

I wonder what Saira, my wife thinks of this, as a lifelong fashionista :) the fashion industry has to address its carbon footprint.

I knew of Zimri, Bucha Bio’s founder for being an avid surfer, and was the most disappointed when he moved away from New York, his knowledge about the fashion industry’s dirty problem was exactly what I was searching for. The way he articulated his vision for Bucha Bio, founder conviction was never in doubt early on. His resilience as a non technical founder makes him a great leader to work for :) so please apply cause they’re hiring.

I like their cost competitive bio based material, it’s plastic-free, and petrochemical-free and uses a formulation, giving me the confidence we can help them potentially achieve gigaton scale GHG emissions reduction, using a price parity roadmap. Bucha Bio will start their Net Zero journey with the leather market, however I expect them to soon target the fiber and packaging markets, no wonder they already have inbounds from leading fashion brands. A Bio Materials startup, Bucha Bio’s core tech revolves around bacterial nanocellulose (BCN) reinforced polymers. BCN is a very interesting material, the polymer has a structure identical to cellulose from plants, and the structure of BCN contains very fine filaments compared to that of cellulosic materials. Bucha Bio definitely got its material to be soft, however cost is the key driver here. Also, using BCN has helped Bucha Bio to impart superior tensile strength to their fabrics. Their strategy of working on a formulation to start with, has helped them scale up faster, working with third party manufacturers has helped them keep their costs down and enter the market with a product soon, they very well could be the first BCN startup in the fashion industry. We estimate Bucha Bio’s TAM to be around $147 billion.

Lastly, Bucha Bio is in the news for closing a new raise successfully, now is the time to hit them up if you’re looking to join a bio material startup in Houston.

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