Freedom From The Thirst For Control, Power

Kunal Sethi
3 min readSep 10, 2022

I recently published a post on My 2022 Summer Insights, and earlier this afternoon during my bike ride it hit me “I missed a big Insight, my journey for Freedom From The Thirst For Control” :)

What makes USA the best country is FREEDOM, and that matters a lot to me cause until recently I did not understand it.

In my search for Who Am I, I wanted to know my identity, not what society tells you & labels you as and wants you to believe. In this search for my existence, there have been lots of ups & downs, lots of mistakes that I carry with me as learnings for a lifetime, and most importantly for me I found the Truth about myself.

Right or Wrong, Good or Bad carries no meaning for me, everything is about the Truth & Lies. Facts are my only guide to Freedom, in that search over time there have been so many triggers for me:

I reject anyone who isn’t authentic

Fitting or adapting to something or someone isn’t Freedom for me

I do not want to surround myself with anyone where I have to watch what I say or do, policies or rules are triggers for me, so facts are my guide

I reject someone or something before they do, here in lies my struggles which I am still figuring out my learnings here

Freedom helps me with accountability

Boredom is bliss and something I want constantly for clarity

Climate wealth using Longevity capital is Freedom for me

Effortless relationships is what I seek, emotions I struggle with. And my love for my wife, Saira comes naturally :)

For a big part of my personal & professional life I was told what to think, what to do and I did that as a rebel mostly to seek attention, not realizing why I was so unhappy. The fear of upsetting society, upsetting someone was at the core of my struggles. I lacked that self confidence & self worth to search what I want, and thought it’s important to grow off other peoples energies. I did not know the meaning of Success or a Win, cause now for me Winning something is a way to get Freedom from that thing. My foundation for religion was on grounds of fear, to the extent of blind superstition since childhood.

I thought anyone blaming me for their struggles was my fault, and I almost lost myself in the Ocean Of Lies, full of self doubt.

Credit where it’s due, my wife, Saira always stuck by me, helping me & encouraging me in my journey to find Freedom. However, I almost did give up, until I found myself in the Covid reset.

I cleared all the lies fed to me “You’re not good enough to be a Climate Investor and have zero credibility” and dug deep to back myself away from the rejections, instead of going back to the drawing board I continued forward in my Who Am I search, baby steps daily which I did struggle with initially, and of course I had Fear of the Unknown, and it hit me finally “I’m good enough

I am finally Wealthy cause today I am Free from the social lies, and that’s thanks to all the folks I crossed paths with so far, regardless whether we’re together or not today, know this you played a big part in where I’m today, all those learnings are priceless, so thank you.

Living in public with transparency is risky and I know that now, and it also led to one of the best moments of my life earlier this summer, I dropped my guard and got vulnerable and enjoyed every minute of it. As a kid I dreamt about going for the opening bell and doing it with my team for supporting their journey made it more vulnerable & special. Clearly in vulnerability lies strength :)

I now surround myself with folks who go by facts, authentic folks who support my Climate & Longevity vision, instead of with folks having to constantly watch over my shoulder, its ok to not have a filter and say whats in your head and always remember, Back Yourself & Grow Off Your Energy




Kunal Sethi

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