My 1st medium post since going CANCER FREE

Kunal Sethi
2 min readFeb 9, 2024

I have been itching to get back to writing, journaling. Finally here I am, alive & excited, like a 2 year old, maybe bit nervous. For today I decided to keep this one light, funny, trust me I have a lifelong worth of experiences to share since my last post here, between the conspiracy theories & all the snake oil salesmen.

As I continue my cancer treatment recovery, I thought it would be fun to list some things people have said or recommended for me since finishing treatment, and more so since going cancer free. So here goes it:

1. “It’s obvious that 5g caused your lymphoma and is causing an increase in all cancers.” Lmaoooooooooo

2. “Have you tried the Wim Hof method? I heard in a podcast that it can reduce cancers.” Huh? Breathing in oxygen reduces cancer, wow. I want to patent this asafp. $$$$

3. “You should eat this fruit (Soursop). I’ve read about people who’ve eaten it and are cancer free! You should try it, maybe it’ll help!” Like Literally wtf, all infusion centres should be selling this fruit NOW. The world needs more of this fruit.

4. “What are you doing for your mental health? You can try these yoga meditations, they’re very relaxing.” What’s a yoga meditation? Helppppppp. My instructor surely will chuckle on this.

5. “The Moderna vaccine gave me cancer”. This one tops it all big time, to be soooooo specific which vaccine GAVE me cancer. Move over Pfizer & co.

I am truly thankful for all these moments that I laughed about with my wife & my oncologist, Erin & me found the soursop conspiracy a new one, and the 5g conspiracy theorists seem to always find a way back, LIDERALLYyyyy plenty of snake oil salesmen out there, hundreds.



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