My 2022 Summer Insights

Kunal Sethi
4 min readSep 6, 2022

This has been by far been the most insightful summer of my life so far, so many new experiences, learnings & much required clarity for me personally :)

So here goes it, buckle up for a long thread:

1) Climate is my inner calling, nature is my playground. My goal is My Climate Journey and creating Climate wealth is my manifestation, with my Founders, Investors & team.

They’re my family that I want to grow with




Interest> Obligation

The rest is just noise

2) Had I not experienced my own mental health issues, my own health issues earlier, I do not know if I would believe in Longevity & AGEing. I have my own playbook that I created using my real (not reel) life experiences, hence the manifestation of Neuro Capitalism

3) This year, to be more specific this summer has been tough for anyone raising, between getting

Investor Meetings


Burn rate

There is no magic pill here, be honest with your team & stick to your identity that’s sustainable in the long run, and always keep moving, I’d rather die than give up.

I always want the bad news instead of the sugar coating, that’s leadership for me.

If you achieve your milestones, that’s your next round, else raising more money isn’t the fix to your milestone problems.

Getting that clarity daily is very imp, i call it the vitamin d fix every morning, walks/ runs/ rides, do whatever works for you, >30 mins

4) For me, everything starts with an identity/ brand/ story telling, and none of this is easy. Building a company & raising/ investing is a lot of work.

Coming from the M&A world, I did not know any of this until I wasn’t able to a few yrs ago to raise. My self worth was shot down and I learnt from that experience, I picked myself back up and I realized the importance of surrounding myself with folks I do not have to think twice to be around and can continue learning from, they’re my family now.

Vivek, Eric & me are

still unlearning how not to repeat the same mistakes

if we do, keep a gap of >6 months cause human mind has evolved in those 6 months :)

Using Park’s counsel to keep us in check at all times, he is also helping us improve our internal org structure, we’re a small family with a clear SWOT analysis

5) Vivek, Eric & me do all the investing, and we’re getting better at it.

For me, the first 30 seconds tell me if its a Yay or Nay

However, now I’m starting to divide my time between growing our team and creating a stronger process internally. I’m already thinking of what next, a big part of it is what I want to do next, creating a legacy & succession planning.

And that’s my next big step.

Climate & Longevity is my passion in this lifetime, and I’m not going anywhere. NYC & me have a past life connection :)

Having fallen a few times, I know first hand how time consuming it is to find new ppl for the team, training them & building that foundation. Lucky for me I always learn from my past experiences.

6) Besides this, I spend most of my time doing Investor Relations & Fundraising. Vivek is helping me to build a robust set of operations, while Eric helps me mostly with the marketing content.

I have a clear idea now how I want to scale our Climate & Longevity Funds, cause I rather be pro active than reactive.

And sometimes I help Vivek & Eric to syndicate a deal, cause I want our LPs to experience Climate & Longevity wealth on a deal & or the funds, to the maximum possible extent.

However, I love being a fund manager, especially having built Prithvi, Ayuh/ SCAP from scratch. Company Building is something I have done and am learning from, hence I’m a Founder.

Climate & Longevity Capitalism is real & rewarding and that’s the culture in our team.

And knowing why you love being a Fund Manager is important, cause there are multiple ways you can invest and some are easier & more rewarding.

7) I haven’t spent much time on marketing efforts for our funds so far, my priorities with Vivek & Eric were

To make a successful transition from being a generalist to a specialist

Focusing on genres that we’re a specialist in

Assessing our measurable investment metrics in Climate & Longevity

Setting a culture with our founders & investors, how can this family be setup to be successful.

Going forward we plan to get more active & engaging in the community as a way to give back, that has given us so much already

8) A plan never goes exactly the way I want to, there are bumps along the way. However without a strong & engaging family of founders, investors & a team that is together for the next decade, none of our work in Climate & Longevity is worth it.

It’s the journey with you that makes this special & worthwhile, a family that has each other’s back when mistakes are made is the Foundation that I want to build.

These are some of the learnings I had working with you so far, so thank you and please keep supporting us cause that’s what makes it all worth it after all.



Kunal Sethi

Cancer Survivor, Climate nerd & Longevity obsessed: Prithvi Ventures & Ayuh Ventures