The ADAS for Battery performance

I recall talking to Fabrizio, sometime last spring and my initial thoughts were “this is a …… no brainer”. A software that talks to the battery remotely or in person :) for improving battery performance & lifetime, which is hardware agnostic. I ain’t no software expert, here is a software improving the world, not eating the world :) If we can have a Smart TV, I absolutely want a Smart Battery. Fabrizio, the founder is a mechanical engineer with a background in energy systems & a former program manager with NASA, two-time Principal Investigator for DoE, DoD, so that gave me some context how he came up with this crazy idea & if he can execute it. Of course I love investing in founders I learn from, like “NOWADAYS, MALFUNCTIONS AND BREAKDOWNS OF ELECTRIC PARTS AND IMPERFECTIONS OF THE BATTERY STAND FOR 54% OF ALL VEHICLE BREAKDOWN

I knew about precision fermentation, here I’m learning about precision battery management software that can adapt & potentially close the gaps between hardware failures, battery defects and what the market wants, maybe even reduce those $$$$ lost in the recalls by automotive companies. Electra Vehicles, with its EVE-Ai Predictive Analytics and EVE-AI Adaptive controls could detect and maybe prevent early some of these faults. For me, the question was “Can this maximize the uptime of an Electric Vehicle?” For starters, data is priceless, and clearly plays a big part in improving Battery Management by determining & analyzing in real time any degradation, driver characteristics, routes optimization etc etc. And between both their products, they have detailed performance information of hundreds of battery systems, can simulate driving cycles & export results, evaluate the performance of a wide combination of hybrid batteries for high power & energy, and provide predictive state of charge & battery range. No wonder, they’re a smart solution to battery management.

Considering their current state of product & technology development, we believe they will play a massive role in the milestones achievement for the Net Zero goal journey of Electric Vehicles, Trucks, Last Mile Delivery amongst others. Between the TAM for Software for ACES, for Drivetrain, for Battery systems, Software for simulation & automotive, we project they will help certain industries decarbonize in the years to come. There has been a huge rush by OEMs to electrification, and battery performance is a must have solution in this rush. And Electra is hiring, so look them up & reach out to Fabrizio.

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